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How to germinate fava beans more quickly:



I’m sure he is just helping keep the soil warm…

Overdue update



seed pods

ongoing bolting radish experiment


make lasagna...

make lasagna…

When life gives you chard...

When life gives you chard…

turnip update

you can take a girl out of the South…

turnip perfection

and a mess o greens


potato experiment…


what a difference a few months makes

the peas have survived! even with the weevils

so much garlic

May 31

This month does go on.

Outside children scream
at their mother, whatever

it is they won’t do it. No,
such an easy position

to take, just digging into
the ground. I should go

to the garden today, see
what new weeds have sprung

from bare soil, if the blighted
peas have finally flowered, if

morning glory has overpowered
all– that stealthy vine, it seems

to grow in double-time relative
to the leisurely pace of vegetables.

I too know a little about mis-paced
expectations, mostly around who

I might feed the tomatoes I’d harvest,
still only yellow stars now among too

much foliage. I’ll have to cut them
back. Thems the breaks,

but don’t I wish these days
that things broke cleaner.


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this is the neatest my p-patch has every looked

look how orderly! & how recently weeded….


the tomatoes are outside!


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